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Zeebad (Zabadie in the French version) is an jack-in-the-box-like evil ice wizard who is a doppelganger of Zebedee and the main antagonist of the 2005 film.

He was trapped inside the lava-filled cavern underneath the Roundabout for 10,000 Years, waiting to get revenge on Zebedee who imprisoned him away to stop him from freezing the world again. He wanted to obtain all 3 diamonds to freeze the sun but his plans got ruined by Dougal and his friends.


Zeebad is a cold-hearted, tyrannous and cruel ice wizard who is Zebedee's arch-nemesis. He seeks revenge on Zebedee for locking him away in a lava-filled cavern with is far below the Magic Roundabout and eventually has the chance to overpower him after waiting so long to escape his prison. He despites all of the warmth and beauty in the world as he prefers everything to be frozen solid the way he wants them to be.

Although he has his henchman Soldier Sam to assist him to get the three diamonds, Zeebad would be annoyed by his stupidity and often abuses him to the point where Zeebad leaves an injured Sam for dead and putting an end to his life without a single regret upon wounding him and taking out the third diamond from inside his chest. Zeebad fails, or most likely to refuse to understands the value of loyalty, allies and friendship, which he calls compassion a weakness.

Physical appearance

Zeebad is a small wizard who bears a near-spitting image of his arch-nemesis Zebedee with the similar appearance and having a spring at the bottom, only he has icy blue skin, black ponytail, mustache and goatee with some blue hair strands. His ponytail was in two braids with gold bands. He wears a brown leather sleeveless tunic tied on with ropes.

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