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"Wine Making" (French: Les vendanges) is an episode of the second series of The Magic Roundabout. In the UK, it was the 84th episode to be broadcast of that series, with Eric Thompson's narration. It was later re-narrated by Nigel Planer and broadcast for Channel 4 as the 37th episode of the 1992 series on February 21, 1992.



  • Even though the English versions are most likely different, the French episode was remade into "Grape Harvest" for series 3. In that episode, Florence's three friends don't appear, and Ermintrude arrives to help Dougal and Florence after Dylan leaves.
  • This, along with eleven other episodes, were notably made after the production of Dougal and the Blue Cat, which re-use the then-updated character models from that film. In the UK, these were broadcast before the film's premiere.
  • This marks one of four rare appearances of Florence's three friends (Paul, Basil, and Rosalie) in the color episodes. They have stopped appearing regularly after series 1, and beginning with series 3, they only appear in the opening and closing sequences.
  • In the French version, Paul and Basil's voices are switched, as opposed to "Snowman's Scarf" and "Le voyage imaginaire". This results in Basil, not Paul, reciting his dad's sayings with Paul's voice and personality. In Nigel Planer's English version, the two boys' names are also switched.
  • The AB Productions redub of the French version has one instance of Florence's original voice being heard while she and her friends count to three before being transported to the garden.


  • The AB Productions redub of the French version was released to VHS in 1997 on the 8th volume of the AB/TF1 Video collection.