Train is a Red and Blue train. He is considered a minor character, but in most episodes he is a Main Character.


  • On the kiddie ride, the dashboard has a TV screen showing clips from the film with 4 sound effect buttons: like the PRESS START button going TOOOOT! TOOOOT!, along with 3 other ones featuring character phrases (Dylan, Dougal & Florence). It has a joystick with whistle and puffing sounds too. The older version plays the end credits music, while the newer one plays the theme song for the series.
  • In the original series and the 2005 film, he has been shown to talk, but in the new series, he is a silent character and just toots like an ordinary train.
  • In the original UK release of the film, it is implied that the Train is mute, and that all of his lines of dialogue are actually internal monologue (his thoughts) rather than him actually speaking.
    • For example, none of the other main characters seemed to be able to hear what Train was saying.
    • After Zebedee's supposed "death", Train states that even if he could speak, he wouldn't know what to say, further hinting that he is actually mute.
    • In the American version of the film, Train has much less dialogue.
    • In the French dub of the film, he is completely silent.
  • In Eric Thompson's English narrations of the original series, he's a female character.