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"The Key" (French: Au pays des clefs) is an episode of the second series of The Magic Roundabout. In the UK, it was the 77th episode to be broadcast of that series, with Eric Thompson's narration. It was later re-narrated by Nigel Planer, retitled "Lost Key", and broadcast for Channel 4 as the 38th episode of the 1992 series on February 24, 1992.


Florence was in the garden calling for Dougal, until she finds him at some trees with something. Dougal tries to innocently tell Florence that he hasn't got anything there, but Florence comes closer and sees that he is with a treasure chest which Dougal admits it is. He adds that he can't get into it as it is locked and the key is misplaced. Florence suggests Dougal if they shall go and look for it which Dougal claims it's a good idea, but states the drawback that it could be anywhere and that he can't remember. Florence calms the dog down and reassures him that it'll turn up, where Dougal saying that if she thinks the key would turn up and apologize.

Dougal and Florence stroll down the garden to look for the key where they come across a signpost where they point to the keyhole door. They went through the door and Florence finds a key who then introduces himself as the mystery key, but Dougal states that it's the wrong shape for the keyhole of the chest. Then, the crowbar key calls Dougal over offering to help him open the chest, but Dougal points out that they're not going to rob a bank with the crowbar, but to open the treasure chest. Dougal then refuses to take the crowbar and Florence spots a couple of keys, only to realise when they are that they are musical keys before she and Dougal pass by a spanner who happens to doing maintenance.

When Florence says that they've haven't found any real keys yet, Dougal spots the exact key for the treasure chest and chases after it. He returns to Florence and tells her that it got away, but she and Dougal keep looking through the flowerbed. However, they don't find it anywhere in the flowerbed and they had to give up with Florence saying that they'll never know what's in the treasure chest, but Dougal reveals that the chest is empty and that he only wanted to open it.


  • The AB Productions redub of the French version has one line of dialogue left intact from Florence's original voice (unusual for an AB Productions redub), just as she and Dougal arrive at the land of keys. Another instance of her original voice being heard is at the very end, when she and Dougal share a line of dialogue.
  • This, along with eleven other episodes, were notably made after the production of Dougal and the Blue Cat, which re-use the then-updated character models from that film. In the UK, these were broadcast before the film's premiere.


  • The AB Productions redub of the French version was released to VHS in 1997 on the 8th volume of the AB/TF1 Video collection.