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Soldier Sam is a talking toy soldier animatronic on top of the roundabout and the guard of the roundabout. When the Roundabout moves, he marches up and down in his place as part of the Roundabout's mechanism. When Zeebad was freed he brought Sam to life and tricked him into being his evil servant. Unknowing to both of them his heart was the third diamond, which he lost (thus ending his life as a result) in an attempt to stop Zeebad. Zebedee later placed the third diamond back in Sam's body, reviving him back to life and he returned back to his place on the roundabout guarding it.

In the 2007 revival series, he was completely animate and is one of the supporting allies. When the roundabout's not in use, Sam would be around the Garden providing assistance to his friends. While he is a brave like any ordinary soldier, it is revealed in "Barmy Army" that Sam and his soldier friends are all terrified of bananas and they scamper out of sight.

Physical appearance

Solider Sam is a slender foot guard wooden figurine with fair skin, black bead eyes, brown mustache. He wears a red foot guard soldier's uniform with white straps, gloves, knapsack, belt, trousers, black boots and shoulder strips. He wears a black bearskin cap with a red feather on the side and a gold oval emblem on the front that has the embossed flower on it. Though Sam is bald underneath his bearskin cap, he does happen to have a few strands of hair on top of his head.