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Mr. Rusty (le Père Pivoine in the French version) is a recurring character from The Magic Roundabout series, he is the elderly mustachioed operator of the roundabout.


Mr. Rusty is a kind and caring person who loves to bring the fun and joy to the children, including Florence, where they are both dear friends. He is also friends with Zebedee, who helped Mr. Rusty to power up the Magic Roundabout in order to attract the children. He helps Dougal and his friends with anything in the Magic Garden and he is the person that Florence looks up to for advice.

Physical appearance

Mr. Rusty is a elderly man with fair skin, greyish-white half-bald hair and moustache and blue eyes. He wore a dark blue coat with four gold buttons, dark green trousers and brown sabot shoes with tan spats. He wears a large dark green top hat with a yellow feather.



  • He is the only character to be voiced by the same actor in both the 2005 film and the 2007 series.
  • In the US Pinwheel dub to the 1960s series, he is referred to as Mr. McHenry, which is the name of another character from the show.