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"Flower in the Sun" (French: La fleur du soleil) is an episode of the second series of The Magic Roundabout. In the UK, it was the 28th episode to be broadcast of that series, with Eric Thompson's narration. It was later re-narrated by Nigel Planer, retitled "Dougal the Astronaut", and broadcast for Channel 4 as the 48th episode of the 1992 series on March 9, 1992.


In the garden, Dougal finds Florence reading about flowers that grow on Mars. He doesn't believe this at first, so Florence tosses him the book, so he can see for himself. After being convinced, he decides to go to Mars himself and goes to see Mr. MacHenry. He tells him about his trip and asks him to clean out his flower pots. Dougal then takes off in a rocket, and Dylan passes by (briefly trying to sleep near the tower). A worried Florence asks the rabbit if he'd seen the launch, but Dylan reassures her that Dougal is indestructible.

Dougal arrives on Mars and claims it for Queen Elizabeth the Second. He starts exploring but can't find any flowers, so he starts using a patent plant detector. A bag pops out from a hole, and he takes it with him back to the rocket. He returns to the garden on Earth, and is greeted by Florence and Dylan. Dougal shows Florence the bag he found (not before complaining about not getting a greeting or a cup of tea upon returning), which she identifies to be the sandwich bag he took with him. The dog snarkily asks Florence to ask for its passport.

Version differences

The Nigel Planer narration has some differences:

  • While Florence is reading, Dougal reports that he's going away on a long journey (a scientific expedition), to which Florence reacts somewhat casually to, much to Dougal's astonishment.
  • Dougal says goodbye to Mr. MacHenry, who asks the dog for a bag of fertilizer.
  • When Dylan sees Dougal take off, he thinks he just had a dream about it. He tells Florence he's getting weird messages from the dog.
  • The location Dougal is going to is the moon and not Mars.
  • After making his mark, he starts moonwalking and sniffing for fertilizer, using the "plant detector" to collect some soil.
  • Florence asks Dougal if the moon was made of cheese, to which Dougal replies that it's made of fertilizer.