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Florence (Margote in the French version) is Dougal's young owner and one of the main characters of The Magic Roundabout. While Florence appears as the deuteragonist of the franchise, she is one of the supporting characters in the 2005 film.


Florence loves her dog, Dougal where they have a loving friendship. Although, she worries about Dougal sometimes, particularly with his health, or his disappearance. Even when she doesn't like Dougal's rudeness where she gets a bit annoyed with him, she still loves him, no matter what. Whenever Dougal is outwitted or overwhelmed by any of his friends, Florence is always there to comfort him. But unlike Dougal who is usually rude and gruff, Florence is very mindful and kind to her friends which she adores.

She takes interest with Brian's hobbies such as his gravel collection because she knows how much it means to him and thanking him for his thoughtfulness when he comes to help Florence and her friends, such as when he brings some spare string for the tent that Dylan had unintentionally collapsed while taking the string for his guitar.

Florence is also friends with Ermintrude where they are both generally pleasant. She takes interest in Ermintrude's opera singing as she is being considerate while listening to the sound of her voice.

She and Dylan are also friends where Florence comes to help him whenever he is having problems, such as when he was having trouble with his sleepwalking situation.

Florence always meets Zebedee at the roundabout before she goes to the garden. When she sees that her friends are having a problem, Florence would call for Zebedee for assistance. She would find Zebedee's tricks and mischief annoying as it can cause fright and trouble for her friends to the point where she admonishes him for causing mischief with anyone, but she is still friends with him.

Florence also has her human friends where she comes to Mr. Rusty for advice or for his assistance to help any of her friends. She even spends her time with Basil and Coral, as well as being generally helpful for Mr. McHenry or Mr. Grimsdale.


Florence is a very polite, kind-hearted, optimistic and caring young girl who loves Dougal and well as her friends in the gardens and would sometimes give Dougal a sugar cube. Despite her age, she is very sensible, mature and level-headed in any situation where she acts as a voice of reason when she tries to calm everyone down whenever arguments break out and persuade them to get along, as well as trying to keep everyone's spirits up, such as when she, along with Mr. Rusty and the children are trapped in the frozen roundabout.

As much as she loves Dougal, there are times when she has to be stern with him whenever he is very rude, lazy, deceitful or particularly mean to his friends and this also applies for Zebedee when his tricks and mischief get found out. Even though she loves her friends, Florence would feel very upset and hurt if they happen to be not thinking about her birthday while walking past her or initially avoiding her when she comes to ask them to help her fix her fence while completely unaware that they were actually preparing a surprise thank you party for her and they didn't want to spill the beans of the surprise to her. On the related note, this prompted Florence to try and leave to see some friends for a while and remains in that state for sometime that when her friends, including Dougal, attempt to make amends with her for avoiding her, she would turn them away while barely making any eye contact, though she feels awful afterwards for being angry with her friends. She even feels that way in another episode after having to scold Dougal for rudely interrupting anyone's chances to get a word in about their holidays, and decides to look for Dougal so she can apologise to him.

Though she is displeased with Dougal or any of her friends' wrongdoings, Florence is also a forgiving person and an example of this shows that she forgives a remorseful Buxton for keeping her chained up in the factory dungeons. Though retaining her sweet-nature and pleasantness, Florence is shown to have a bit of a sarcastic side, particularly in the Nigel Planer episodes.

She is very fond of her flower garden where one of her favourite hobbies would be planting flowers as well as watering them, and doesn't like anything bad happening to her garden where her displeasure is displayed when insects infest her garden where they would eat her flowers and when Dougal tramples through her garden by accident when using his nose to find a bone he buried. Other than gardening, Florence also likes to read books in her spare time and even keeps her house nice and tidy on a regular basis.

Unlike her dog, Dougal, Florence is very respectful and takes interest into her friends' hobbies and interests by being sensitive to try and avoid upsetting their feelings - such as when she enjoys listening to Ermintrude's singing or having a look at Brian's collection of gravels as she knows how much Brian is very well attached to his interest of gravels. As well as being clever, Florence is also curious where she likes to learn new things and would often find out more from her friends. She is always very helpful to her friends whenever they need help, for instance, helping Dougal and Brian to load the piano onto Train's wagon.

Physical appearance

Florence is a young and slender English girl with fair skin, a light dusting of freckles, rosy cheeks, brown shoulder-length hair with short bangs, brown eyebrows and blue eyes.

She wears a cornflower blue sweater with a white collar, an yellow-orange knee length skirt with a white laced petticoat underneath, white socks and a pair of big beige leather lace-up ankle boots in the style of a "Babybotte" model with tan soles that connect to the heel blocks at the back of her boots. On top of her head, she wears a cornflower blue hair bow.

In two episodes of the revival series (Chilled-Out Brian and Radio Roundabout), she is seen without her hair bow when she is asleep in bed. Since the second season of the CGI revival series, she started to wear a pink checkered bandana over her bow and hair whilst doing cleaning around her house. In one episode (Dougal's See-Saw Ride), she has a silver analog watch on her right wrist that has a pink strap, a white clock face that has the numbers in roman numerals, a pink flower with its green leaves as the minute and the hour hands.

Hobbies and interests

  • Gardening: Florence loves planting and watering her flowers in her own garden around her path and would tend to her garden most often.
  • Reading: She likes reading in her spare time may that be interesting stories from books or newspaper articles.
  • Knitting: She is also shown to doing some knitting in her spare time as well where in "The Snail With The Golden Shell" she is knitting a new scarf for Brian.
  • Walking: Florence would take peaceful strolls around the garden to see her friends, particularly when the weather is nice.

Abilities and talents

  • Singing: Florence is shown to be good at singing where she sings her morning song as she cleans her bedroom in "Dougal and the Blue Cat" and her sad song when she and all of her friends minus Dougal are imprisoned in the factory dungeons. Other times, she would be shown humming while doing the housework.
  • Teaching: Having a very good education for a young girl, Florence once became a schoolteacher in "School's In, Out and Roundabout" where she teaches basic school lessons to her friends, such as Maths and Geography. In "Magic Fairy Ring" and "The Magic Roundabout Choir", she respectively teaches her friends how to dance like fairies and sing really well as a choir. Florence is patient when they have a few difficulties of keeping up and encourages them to keep trying.
  • Cooking: Florence is known for cooking with her best culinary skills. In the original series, she has made a pie all by herself and has it baked in Dougal's oven. She would be making and baking pies more often in the CGI revival series. Other times, she would make and bake cakes big or small where she made a gigantic circus cake for after the show in "The Greatest Show On Earth" and a big fairy cake in "Dylan's Big Gig" to be used as a exchange for the fairies to use their glow to light up Dylan's stage for his gig.
  • Art: She is also splendid with her artistic and creativity skills where in the original series episode The Exhibition she has painted one of the portraits for the exhibition. In the revival series episode "Can't Sing, Won't Sing", she uses her creativity skills to modify Ermintrude's lucky tiara for her evening concert and in "The Genius", she plans to paint a portrait of some buttercups until Ermintrude foolishly eats the buttercups that Florence was using as she was painting her portrait. However, Florence manages to paint a portrait of Dougal which she presents to her dog.
  • Music: She is shown to be playing a flute quite well in The Orchestra for Zebedee's concert. It is presumed that Florence also plays her piano, but isn't shown to be playing it on-screen at any point, though in "Follow That Piano", Florence kindly lets Ermintrude borrow her piano to practice her singing.


  • Kylie Minogue re-voiced her dialogue for the US version of the Magic Roundabout film with an American accent.
  • Florence was one of the characters in the US dub of the film who retains her original personality.
  • The trademark ankle boots Florence wears are a very recognizable Babybotte model with its famous "heel blocks" at the time when the original series was in production. They were kept in the same similar fashion for the CGI redesign of Florence in the 2005 film and the 2007 revival series. In 2014, Florence has been featured within Baybotte's promotional material to celebrate the show's 50th Anniversary.
  • Even though her parents weren't seen at any point, Florence does sometimes mention them in some episodes of the French version of the original series.
  • In the original series, the collar of Florence's blue sweater was orange and her ankle boots were white, as well as wearing a pair of white gloves.
  • Except for the series premiere, Florence practically appears in the most, if not every episode of the original series.
  • She makes a cameo in the trailer of the cancelled movie "Stupid Invaders" as a doll on a bed.
  • When the small scaled figure of Florence came out in the KFC's toy line for the 2005 film, she has five fingers on each hand instead of four.
  • Florence is shown to suffer from a bit of hay fever, which means being allergic to pollen in the air, as this was evident in the CGI revival series episode "Let's Stick Together".