Dylan (Flappy in the French and American versions) is a laidback, lazy anthropomorphic rabbit who plays the guitar. At the end of every episode of the reboot series, Dylan says, "I wish it was time for bed!" and then falls asleep.


Dylan is a laid-back and a sleepy rabbit who lives in the Enchanted Gardens and would often drift off to sleep from time to time. He doesn't like getting woken up from his sleep or being disturbed from his work - i.e. creating a sculpture of Dougal. Given that Dylan is very laid-back and easy-going, he rarely flips his lid, except on a few occasions when facing Zeebad in the final showdown. Earlier black-and-white episodes show Dylan as a innocent kleptomaniac, including a time where he unintentionally stole some strings holding a tent that Dougal and Brian put up to surprise Florence.

As well as being tired or sleepy, Dylan would be completely active with different basic forms of martial arts that he learned where he takes down the gang of evil skeleton guards without breaking a sweat. Dylan would also feel depressed and devastated at times, such as when he sees the moon slowly disappearing as each night passes or when his sound system and lighting that was going to be used for his big gig ends up wrecked, but his friends, including Florence, are always there to reassure him and restore his spirits.

Physical appearance

Dylan is a tall light brown rabbit with white hair on top of his head, sideburns and tail, and half-closed brown eyes. He wears a yellow long-sleeved shirt underneath his blue waistcoat and blue trousers.

In the original series, he wore a white cravat and white gloves.


  • He is named after singer Bob Dylan.
  • Interestingly, Dylan's hippie persona in the English version of the original series, combined with his sleepy behavior, is one of the more obvious examples of the popular fan theory of the characters being on drugs.
  • In the French version of the original series, Dylan (a.k.a. Flappy) is a Spaniard character, and speaks with a Spanish accent. In the color episodes, he's switched to having more Italian characteristics.
  • Initially in the original series, whenever Dylan slept, he completely covers his eyes with his ears. Halfway into series 2, he gains closed eyelids.
  • In the original series, aside from playing the guitar, Dylan is also shown to be capable of playing other instruments. The closest instrument he's played multiple times is the violin (as seen in "Ermintrude's Dance", "Glasses, Part 2" "Starry Night", and "The Orchestra"), being a similar string instrument to the guitar. He's also played the trumpet on a few occasions, and the piano at least once (as seen in "The Moody Concerto").
  • Dylan is also shown to be quite artistic and even has culinary talents, such as making pancakes and spaghetti. He also opened a pizzeria at least twice, and in "Dougal's Cake", recited to Dougal the apricot cake recipe (which Dougal was making for Florence).
  • Also in "Dougal's Cake", Dylan is revealed to have two unnamed identical twin brothers, who are all just as sleepy in personality as him. Earlier, Dougal challenged Dylan to a race from his sleeping tree to the station and back, and mistook one of the rabbit's brothers for him when he arrived there. When he gets back to the tree (which Dylan never left), a distressed and worn-out Dougal thinks he lost the race, until Dylan's first brother shows up and lies down to sleep next to his sibling. At the tail end of the episode, the second sleepy brother unexpectedly pops out from a nearby oven, of course having napped in it, and shushes for some quiet.
  • In the USA dub of the original series, as made for Nickelodeon's Pinwheel, Dylan is one of the few characters to keep his original French name (Flappy), along with Mr. MacHenry (Bonhomme Jouvence a.k.a. Mr. Young).
  • Dylan's birthday is December 16th, as shown in the original 1960's series.
  • Dylan's Catchphrase: "I wish it was time for bed!" is in reference to Zebedee's catchphrase; "Time For Bed!", which was changed to "It's Time To Party!" for the 2007 series.
  • It is heavily implied that Dylan is narcoleptic.

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