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Dougal (Pollux in the French version) is the main protagonist of The Magic Roundabout franchise who is a happy go-lucky shaggy dog.

In the French version, Pollux is a British character who speaks somewhat broken French with an outrageous English accent as a result of Ivor Wood's role as co-creator. His sweet tooth, shown through his fondness for sugar lumps, was based on a French belief that one of the traits of the English is a liking for sweets.


Dougal loves his owner, Florence, very much and they look out and care for each other. He would spend his time with Florence and comforts her whenever she is feeling sad or scared.

He shares a on-and-off vitriolic relationship with Brian, regardless of Dougal constantly insulting him, but they hang over together often and he was additionally outwitted by Brian on certain occasions. When Dougal thought that Brian was seemingly crushed by the collapsing treacle factory at the end of Dougal and the Blue Cat, he genuinely considers Brian his best friend as he along with everyone else mourn for him, until Brian shows up completely unharmed.

With his relationship with Ermintrude, Dougal is initially frightened of her during their first meetings, and despite making fun of her as well as being rude, Dougal and Ermintrude are still good friends.

Dougal sometimes finds Dylan irritating due to his consistency of drifting off to sleep from time to time. Regardless, he is also good friends with Dylan, given on the rabbit's laidback personality.


Dougal is a cheeky, sarcastic and lively dog who is loyal and he can be often selfish and deceitful which can lead get him into trouble and this would sometimes make him feel guilty for his wrong actions. He is sometimes can be very greedy for sweets or sugar where one of his tactics lead to the accidental release of Zeebad. Dougal would be usually grumpy and snappy with anyone where he can be rude to them - an example of this is when he berates Brian for arriving late to his film project that he is making. In the French version of the original series, Dougal, being an English character, would occasionally say certain phrases or words in English in episodes such as "The Marvelous Cake", "Dylan, Sculptor", "Letter to the Queen", and "The Orchestra".

Despite his usual grumpiness, he cares and loves his young owner, Florence more than anything and is never rude to her, like he tends to do with the others. He would do something for Florence to show his appreciation with her care towards him like baking a cake or getting her some flowers. With his relationship with Florence, Dougal would worry about her a lot, especially when she is trapped in the frozen roundabout, and as mentioned by Dougal himself, he would get into bed with her to calm her down and for her protection when thunderstorms keep her awake at night as well as comforting her if she is sometimes feeling depressed. Though he does sometimes displease Florence with his rudeness or make up lies without her finding out, Dougal doesn't like to upset her, even without meaning to. If he did something that made her cross with him, e.g. making a mess in Florence's house while trying to scratch the itch out of his fur that bothers him, he would try to make amends with Florence for which she accepts.

He can be jealous of other people at times, such as when Buxton the Blue Cat gets the attention from the inhabitants of the Enchanted Gardens, including Florence, and is doubtful of him where his suspicions about the arrival of the blue cat that may be linked to his investigation of the lights in the abandoned treacle factory were proven correct when Buxton indeed tries to take over the gardens. Although Dougal can be cowardly at times in situations, such as when being faced with the skeleton in the temple, he is exceptionally brave when battling Zeebad or coming directly to Florence's defense if she was in danger. As much as he enjoys life in the Enchanted Gardens, he can be quite lazy where he sometimes slacks out from doing chores or just sit around in the gardens, enjoying his bone. This is also the case when the gang are in the temple and find the second diamond guarded by laser beams, Dougal just sits there on the throne without contributing much in any attempt of getting the diamond with an excuse that he's "too hairy" and chewing on his last gobstopper.

Physical appearance

Dougal is a stout dog who is a drop-eared variety of a Skye Terrier with long light brown fur that covers his paws and has a small bushy tail and short bangs. He has a yellowish face with a big brown (originally black) nose and brown eyes with matching eyebrows.

Hobbies and interests

  • Collecting: Dougal collects many of his bones and keeps them buried in different spots around the garden as well as having his own bone patch next to Florence's garden.
  • Fetch: It was shown in Dougal's dream in the middle of the 2005 film that he loves playing fetch with Florence who she throws the tennis ball and Dougal would go after it before bringing it back to her.

Abilities and talents

  • Construction: Dougal is very crafty of building things with all the supplies and materials he needs in episodes like "Dougal Goes To The Moon" and "The Greatest Show On Earth".
  • Tracking: Dougal uses his nose very often to sniff the scent of the missing things that are lost and track them down where this was primarily used in "Dogtective" and "Tracker Dougal". Sometimes, the scent would lead Dougal to dig up where the lost things could be and recover them.
  • Leadership: Being a self-proclaimed a leader, Dougal is very good of leading his friends to places where in the 2005 film, he finds the frozen village and manages to navigate his way through to the roundabout as he knows the shapes of the buildings very well, despite being frozen solid and hardly baring any familiarity to his friends.


  • He appears as a still cameo on a cardboard box in the trailer of the cancelled movie Stupid Invaders.
  • In his very first appearance "Florence Wins a Surprise", the French version actually has him barking like a real dog, instead of talking (which he can already do from the start of the English version). It is by the next episode, "Dancing Brooms" in which he gains his familiar English persona and voice.
  • Due to the dubious nutritional value, Dougal's diet for sugar lumps in the 2007 revival series was removed and instead shows him eating pies and bones.
  • In the revival series, it is revealed that Dougal has his grandmother who sent him the family heirloom which is a cuckoo clock.