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Buxton is the antagonist who appears in Dougal and the Blue Cat (1972).

Dougal and the Blue Cat

As Dougal is awoken at night he hears a voice in the middle of the night, which is Buxton claiming his loyalty to Madam Blue.

Buxton first makes his appearance in Dougal and the Blue Cat. He is a gift for Florence and appears on the carousel - Introducing himself with quite a dance...

Upon meeting Dougal, Florence recalls he is the only Blue Cat in the world. Their first encounter doesn't go so well with Dougal recommending Buxton leave with the next departing train.

Dougal's friends are excited to have a blue cat in their garden, and even said Buxton should stay at Dougal's place, as he had the room. Dougal wasn't happy, especially when Buxton went to sleep in his bed.

Little did the townsfolk know of Buxton's true intentions. Once Dougal is trapped (later to be freed by Brian), Buxton reaches the old abandoned treacle factory where he encounters Madam Blue. He is then put through a series of trials to become king. In these tests Buxton is to exam the inside of the factory and note the colour of each door.

The Old Treacle Factory Trials
Doors Room Title Gained
Blue Flower- Making Room Sir Buxton
Colbat Blue Fabric Room Baron Buxton
Saxony Blue Room of Dreams Lord Buxton
Indigo Blue Room of the World Marquis Buxton
Baby Blue Room of Thunder & Lightning Duke Buxton
Purssian Blue Guard Making Room Prince Buxton
Royal Blue Court Room King Butxon I

After succeeding the tests, Buxton is ordered by Madam Blue to conquer his surroundings, anything that isn't blue must perish! When Dougal finds this out, he tries to warn everyone how nasty he was, but Buxton pretends to cry and said he was rejected for his colour. Everyone feels sorry for him and ignore Dougal's protests. Buxton then uses his newly acquired army to capture the locals. However, they fail to capture Dougal.

Dougal infiltrates the old treacle factory in disguise as Blue Peter, Buxton is weary of Blue Peter and devises a plan to see if he really he is Dougal or not - Trapping him in a room full of sugar! After put through the torture, he is brought in amongst Buxton's army and promoted as his prime minister.

After observing the prisoners in the dungeon with Blue Peter, Madam Blue informs them of the next plan for conquest - The Moon! Both Buxton and Blue Peter are forced into a spacecraft and traverse to the moon. Upon arrival Blue Peter falls into a crater of water and his disguise is washed off and revealed to be Dougal. This infuriates Buxton and who chases after him. They jump back into the spacecraft which crashes down to earth - Dougal managing to evacuate via parachute.

Upon his arrival, Buxton tells Madam Blue of his troubles and he is released of his title. Madam Blue's fury escalates as the old treacle factory begins to tremble - At this time Dougal manages to sneak in and evacuate his friends. As Madam Blue Wallows in despair for Buxton's failing the Old Treacle Factory collapses into rubble.

Afterwards Buxton asked Dougal and his friends for forgiveness. He blushes in shame and magically his fur is turned to white as he aims to make amends.


Buxton: I wish to be the blue king. I wish to be all powerful.

Buxton: Oh... I'm so evil.

Buxton: Oh this lot's going to be a pushover, a pushover!.

Buxton: Factory, did you say factory? What do you know about the factory? Eh? Eh?! What's all this about the factory? Eh? Eh?! Factory, factory?!

Buxton: Oh dear, once more my colour has been rejected. I thought here I would be happy amongst my new friends. Oh woe, woe...

Buxton: Curses and black pudding! They haven't got that dog I'll have their guts for garters, you see if I don't!

Buxton: You'll never get out of this place. The stalactites and the stalagmites will keep you here forever! Forever!

Buxton: I claim this moon for me! King Buxton the first!

Buxton: Oh what a place, worst than Barnsley.

Buxton: How can you ever forgive me? I've been a beast.

Buxton: I was a victim of a false doctrine, I am now changed. May I be your friend? Your true friend?


  • His color scheme and motive of domination may have inspired the creation of Zeebad in the 2005 Reboot Film, however this is all the two characters have in common and the two are taken in completely different directions.