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"Bubbles" (French: Les bulles) is an episode of the second series of The Magic Roundabout. In the UK, it was the 89th episode to be broadcast of that series, with Eric Thompson's narration.


At the roundabout, Florence meets Mr. Rusty, who's very excited to show her something. He gives her a bubble wand to blow some bubbles, as Zebedee arrives. He asks what they're doing, and the two reply and confirm that they were blowing bubbles. Florence offers Zebedee to have a go, and after he blows a bubble, he gets a bit startled. Mr. Rusty offers Florence to take the bubble soap and wand, as she leaves with Zebedee to show it to Dougal.

In the garden, as Florence blows some more bubbles, Dougal hears it and demands to know who's been making unexplained noises. Florence then lets the dog blow a bubble, as the Train arrives. Dougal almost crashes into the Train, making her quite agitated, commenting about a grown dog playing with bubbles, before remarking that he'll be playing with dollies next.

When Ermintrude arrives, she sees the bubbles in the air, and gets overwhelmed with joy of blowing bubbles. However, she gets dismayed when Florence tells her that she has ran out of bubbles. Dougal scoffs at the idea of a cow blowing bubbles, just as the Train passes by again to observe all this. When Zebedee arrives, he is informed that the bubble-blowing fun is over as all the bubbles were lost. He then uses his magic to do something about it, but gets it somehow wrong, making Train puff bubbles and smoke coming out of the bubble wand. Ermintrude begins singing, "I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles" before being caught off-guard by the smoke.

Florence finds Mr. Rusty near the roundabout where he is blowing soap bubbles from his device that he made. He lets Florence blow a bubble from the wand, before Zebedee arrives, when the bubble got into his eye, which stings it. Florence apologises and Zebedee said it was nothing before they conclude that blowing bubbles is fun. They decide to show it to Dougal and Florence goes into the garden to show the bubble blowing device to Dougal.

When Florence was in the garden and blowing bubbles, Dougal arrives, asking her where she has been and what she was doing, saying that he was worried about her. Florence replies to Dougal that she was blowing bubbles and lets him blow a bubble. Train arrives, asking him what they were doing and they reply that they were blowing bubbles. Train tells them that he can only puff smoke from his funnel and leaves, saying that he has do a delivery that is in progress. When Ermintrude arrives, she mistakes the bubbles for flying saucers, she prepares herself for the sacrifice and pleads to them to spare the garden. However, Florence reassures her that they were only bubbles that she and Dougal were blowing. Train comes back, lamenting that he cannot make a soap bubble.

Zebedee arrives and decides to play a trick on everyone where he makes Train puff bubbles out of his funnel, and puffs of smoke blows out from the bubble wand that Florence is holding, as well as from Ermintrude's mouth, making her cough.


  • This, along with eleven other episodes, were notably made after the production of Dougal and the Blue Cat, which re-use the then-updated character models from that film. In the UK, these were broadcast before the film's premiere.


  • The Eric Thompson narration was released to VHS on Volume 2 by BBC Video in 1991.
  • The AB Productions redub of the French version was released to VHS on the 4th volume of the AB/TF1 Video collection in 1994, and later on the fifth tape of the 1998 5-volume collection by Une Video.