Brian (Ambroise in the French version) is a cheerful, bashful and intelligent snail.


Brian and Dougal have an on-and-off vitriolic relationship, due to Dougal's constant insults, but they often hang out together, and on occasion, Dougal genuinely considers the snail his best friend. Additionally, Brian has outwitted Dougal on certain occasions.

He also likes to occasionally race with the Train.

In the 2006 film, he has a huge crush on Ermintrude.


  • In the original series, Brian is a vegetable lover, especially for lettuce and cabbages.
  • In the French version of the original series, the snail, on occasion, easily gets too surprised or startled upon disbelief, often leading him to believe he's having a breakdown.
  • The 2007 reboot series turns the snail into somewhat of a brainiac with hobbies such as collecting gravel and birdwatching.
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